02 Jun

Cloud based security


Cloud based security has better tracking and monitoring of attacks than non cloud based security solutions.

Mobile applications today use virtualization technologies like virtual machine (VM) virtualization, containers and micro-services as well as self-service orchestration systems to be lightweight, efficient and cost-effective. Unlike traditional data center hardware virtualization solutions which use hardware virtualization like VMs, containers and micro-services, mobile application virtualization technologies utilize traditional computer hardware. This is because they are easier to program and target on mobile devices than traditional computer hardware.

The Bottom Line: Mobile application virtualization technology is reducing application deployment costs and improving application performance by emulating server running virtual machines in an environment where no servers are needed. It makes mobile application development efficient, scalable and secure. Mobile application virtualization technology in combination with cloud computing services such as EC2, Microsoft Azure and AWS will help enterprise customers improve the performance of mobile applications at lower costs.

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Cloud application virtualization technology is used for cloud architecture of on-premises computers as well as cloud solutions. Cloud application virtualization is particularly popular in cloud computing services as it saves customers from purchasing and maintaining expensive server virtualization solutions. Cloud application virtualization is a form of server virtualization. Visit and learn all about it.

The Bottom Line: Cloud application virtualization helps customers control and monitor cloud infrastructure without making modifications to their server infrastructure. Cloud application virtualization does not provide any underlying benefits to application performance, and therefore should not be used to manage server infrastructure. Cloud application virtualization should be used only as an improvement to cloud service hosting technologies.

Cloud storage virtualization is used to give application developers an easy to use and extend solution that will allow them to store large amounts of data in a highly available and secure environment. Cloud storage virtualization includes the use of either physical or virtual storage disks as well as access control lists (ACLs). Cloud storage virtualization systems are scalable and efficient by giving application developers control over the appropriate amount of data stored in each virtual disk. Cloud storage virtualization is more than just virtual disk management. Cloud storage virtualization is used as a way of automatically ensuring data availability, high availability and security.

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