10 Mar

IPWEA SA Excellence Awards – Winners 2015


Excellence in Design and/or Construction of a Public Works Project – Civil Under $1 million

WINNER: Phil Boulden (City of Onkparinga)
PROJECT: Southport Boardwalk Upgrade Port Noarlunga South

Southport Boardwalk Upgrade Port Noarlunga South
City of Onkaparinga

This innovative project provides a disabled access walkway and new utility services to the South Port Surf Life Saving Club. It is also able to carry a motorised stretcher for emergency evacuations. To protect the new structure from erosion, deep screw pile footings were installed into the sand dunes.
Design and construction project management was undertaken by the City of Onkaparinga. ‘GHD Engineering’ did the detailed design including an environmental management plan and archaeological scoping study.

‘Meinhardt Engineering’ was engaged for the utility services and lighting design.

A quality finish was achieved by the principle construction contractors, ‘Blubuilt’.

Due to the environmental and cultural sensitivities the project had to be delivered within a narrow construction corridor. This was achieved on budget with minimal inconvenience to the club members or public.

The new boardwalk demonstrates excellence in design and construction through provision of a wide DDA compliant access and new utility services while ensuring protection for local flora and fauna in the adjacent Port Noarlunga sand dunes.

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