Conyngham Street Depot

Client: City of Burnside

Project: Conyngham Street Depot


A complete redevelopment and transformation of the existing Council Depot into an integrated community hub and operational depot.


The new facility was redeveloped to both support existing Council operations and activate the local community.

The project scope covered an extensive range of works and finishes, including but not limited to:

    • demolition of the existing buildings and storage bunkers
    • bulk earthworks, including treatment of contaminated soils
    • construction of the new 39m x 12m ‘Men’s Shed’
    • construction of the new Biodiversity Nursery
    • establishment of the Community Garden
    • construction of the Working Depot, including bunkers. storage etc
    • construction of the new Dog House
    • Carparking and hardstand


  1. Treatment and diversion of the existing stormwater culverts traversing the site presented significant challenges due to the volume of stormwater treated
  2. Installation of the internal feature plywood ceiling linings around structural steelwork and suspended infrastructure 

City of Burnside

Contract Type

Lump Sum – Construct Only


January 2019 – December 2019

Minda Dunes Coast Par… November 4, 2019 Mt Barker High School… November 4, 2021