Northern PRV Civil and Building

Client: SA Water (John Holland / Leed MC)

Project: Northern PRV Civil and Building


The Northern PRV Civil and Building project is part of SA Water’s North South Interconnection System Project, which ‘connects’ Adelaide’s northern and southern water supply networks. Located at Gulfview Heights, the Northern PRV Building houses a series of pressure reducing valves delivering improved water control and supply reliability across the network. BluBuilt was engaged to undertake all civil and building works for this project:


  • Bulk and detail excavation for the new semi-buried PRV building
  • Installation of 900mm MSCL pipework below the lower level structural slab
  • Construction of structural concrete building foundations and walls
  • Structural backfill of the building foundations and walls
  • Services installation and commissioning
  • Supply and erection of precast, structural steel, roof cladding and architectural finishes for the building -Supply and installation of acoustic ceilings and doors
  • Retaining walls, external slabs and pavements
  • Landscaping

SA Water (John Holland / Leed MC)

Contract Type

Lump Sum


December 2011 – May 2012

Civil/Industrial/Utilities/ May 27, 2015

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