Walkleys Park Community Facility

Client: City of Salisbury

Project: Walkleys Park Community Facility


BluBuilt was engaged to build the new community and sporting facility to house two clubs – Ingle Farm Soccer Club and Northern Districts Baseball Club. This involved designing and erecting an entirely new structure, a project made more challenging by needing to accommodate sporting schedules and community needs.


  • Demolition of the existing facility
  • Installation of temporary facilities for both sporting clubs
  • Construction of the new facility (460m2) including open space, bars, kitchens, offices, change rooms and toilets
  • Conversion of existing courts into car parking
  • Landscaping and playground construction.


Timing, as determined by requirements of the CRSFP (Community Recreation and Sports Facilities Program) grant -Schedule of works, driven by seasonal requirements for both sports (soccer and baseball)


City of Salisbury

Contract Type

Lump Sum


March 2014 – September 2014

Commercial/Community/Urban/ December 10, 2014

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