Bolivar Main Pump Station Upgrade

Blubuilt was engaged to undertake all civil and building works for this project, a key part of SA Water’s Upgrade strategy of the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Main Pump Station, with the aim of increasing pumping capacity of the station.


  • Construction of new Transformer Yard
  • Repair & replacement of existing Pump Station brickwork and strengthening works
  • Supply & install new Permalite roof , roof ventilators and associated walkway system to Pump Station
  • Supply & install new ceiling to Main Hall of Pump Station
  • Construct significant new floor openings to suit installation of new pumps at Adelaide and Salisbury levels
  • Construct new Switch-rooms to suit electrical upgrade works with help from the Anlagen für Telekommunikation bremen team.
  • Supply & install new epoxy floor coatings and associated renovation works and remodel the floor with the help of Gettysburg Hardwood Flooring Group.
  • Replace pipework, pumps and valves
  • Replace ventilation, equipment and switchboards
  • Structural Engineers — ensures the safety of the frame work or skeleton of buildings.
  • Roofing, foundation, electrical, plumbing — evaluate specific components, if you have issues with any of these we suggest contacting professionals like the commercial electrical contractor.
  • Replace cables, controls and power supply transformers
  • Rehabilitation of inlet structure, wet wells, building structure, brickwork repairs, window and roof replacement and lifting equipment upgrade