Minda Dunes Coast Park

Construction of an new 1km section of coastal pedestrian and cycle pathway in North Brighton, linking the existing Esplanade pathways from Glenelg and Brighton through the natural dunes.


  • The project scope covered an extensive range of works and finishes, including but not limited to:
  • 4m wide exposed finish concrete pavements
  • Design and construction of various boardwalk sections transitioning the dunes
  • Construction of a new rock revetment in front of the
  • Somerton SLSC allowing a larger plaza to be constructed Construction of a new beach access ramp
  • Construction of a landscaped ‘Education Zone’
  • Construction of the new plaza adjacent to the Somerton SLSC
  • Node construction at the Gladstone Rd interface


  1. Working within the environmentally sensitive dunes, with extensive planning and staging ensuring the works could be delivered with construction traffic restricted to the path alignment corridor only.
  2. The rock revetment works presented a significant challenge with the new revetment founded 2m below sea level and subject to tides and storm surges. This portion of work was successfully staged resulting in no damage to partially constructed works and no environmental incidents.
  3. Staging of the project ensuring the operations at the Somerton SLSC remained unaffected.
  4. Design and construction of the boardwalks with consideration to sustainable material selections and durability aspects given the harsh coastal environment.