Taperoo Sports Facility

Construction of a new Community and Sporting Facility to become the home of the Port Adelaide Pirates Soccer Club.


The transformation of the former Taperoo Primary School site into a contemporary and functional sport and community facility for locals. Based around the concept of the evolution of the soccer ball, key shapes and geometry have been applied to generate the forms and proportions of the built form.

Situated between three soccer pitches, the sculptural building design also draws inspiration from its location, channelling the area’s industrial heritage. The spatial programming of the building has been formulated through in depth consultation with the client and user groups.

This has resulted in an efficient building footprint that utilises passive ESD principles to address solar heat gain, natural ventilation and materiality.

The internal space maximises functionality and allows for mixed-use by the community.

The space is divided into three pods, with two change rooms and function areas available for use independently The play of natural light and shadow has brought about an interaction between the internal spaces and the external playing fields.

All elements of the design are orientated outward toward the surrounding ovals, maximising views and creating a community feel.

The new 700m2 clubroom includes:

  • Open space function area & Bar
  • Commercial kitchen and coolrooms
  • Officials / club offices / general amenities
  • Home and Away team change rooms
  • Referees rooms