Walker Place Redevelopment

A Unique public realm for the Gawler Central Urban Precinct, providing connection and a sense of place for visitors and the community.


The project successfully realised the vision of the Gawler Central Urban Precinct by providing a unique public realm for visitors and the community, connecting the mainstreet, shopping areas and open spaces with the potential to become the heart of the town, not simply a retail strip, but a centre point for placemaking and community activities.

Broadly, the scope of the work within Walker Place included:

  • Creating a paved shared use space with a focus on pedestrian access;
  • Modifying vehicle movements to reduce speed and guide drivers;
  • Improving the parking layout (maintaining provisions for two disability parking bays);
  • Increasing capacity and amenity (seating, shade, play, landscape, treatments);
  • Improving footpaths and cycle links to the river corridor ;
  • Introducing catenary (feature) lighting arrangement to define the pop-up event space;
  • Incorporating Smart Cities initiatives to compliment event functionality; and
  • Improving the local stormwater network

The project was submitted to the IPWEA SA Excellence Awards by Town of Gawler and was awarded Best Public Works Project under $2.0M.


  1. Staging of works to mitigate impacts on the Walker Place Traders
  2. With occupation of additional shared use area prohibited, all works were delivered within the confines of the project footprint, including management of materials, plant and equipment
  3. Interface works with shop front accesses were undertaken ‘out-ofhours’ ensuring business continuity